Inside The Green Room with Sean Mychael Green

Sebastian in Philadelphia
Sebastian Cummings
Sean Green
When I think of performances happening in the gayborhood of Philadelphia, I have a pretty good idea of what to expect. Not saying everyone is predictable, but when you turn on HGTV, you know you’re gonna get a home/renovation type show… Truth. But, girl was I in for a surprise when they announced Sean Mychael Green’s name at Tabu…
1.Sean does amazing pole work, like you’ve never seen before. I’m telling you, it looks like ballet on a pole, I’m not kidding. He’s strong, graceful, and talented.
2.I would eat a three course meal off his naked body, particularly his ass. Sean has worked hard to maintain an amazingly impressive physique. (His fiance is also tres sexy)
3.I mean, he’s just the nicest guy you ever met. The kinda guy that makes you realize how bad a person you are.
Once I discovered that we share a name (Sean) and a place of birth (Frankfurt, Germany), I just had to track down Mr. Green and find out what makes him tick. I just had to know. I asked around and learned that he appreciates a nice glass of Malbec, so I grab a bottle and head to the one place I knew I could find Sean Mychael Green… The Green Room.

When in, life, did you know you wanted to perform?
I had dreams of becoming a ballet dancer in high school but learned that i was born with two left feet. Just these past two years i have fallen in love with the aerial arts and seeing where it can take me as a performer.

Tell us about your first experience as a performer.
My first live performance was actually a professional pole dance competition in Boston of early 2014. I was soooooooo nervous. After 3 months of training and numerous pep talks from my fiance and close friends i arrived the day before the competition to learn that i was the only male in my division and was given the option to advance to the Pro division. I did and i took 2nd place! I am a believer that humans grow most when forced to step out of their comfort zone. I performed to an Enya song and had some feathers in my with powder. There were some pretty rad hair flips lol

I’ll be needing a video of that for your E! True Hollywood Story. If there is one area in life I have problems with, it’s flexibility. Is that something that comes naturally to you?
Ha!! What’s flexibility? Do i know her?? No, it does not come naturally to me at all. I have to work on it everyday of every week. Sometimes touching my toes is cause for celebration.

I can totally relate to that! I had back surgery 14 years ago, touching my toes since then… ha! You perform with lyra, with poles, what are some of your greatest challenges, performing with your feet off the ground?
Honestly my only challenge is when my feet hit the ground. In the air it’s just the music and I, that’s all. When i have two feet under myself i feel clumsy and unbalanced. With no dance background i would much rather spend my time manipulating my body in the air.

I had an ex tell me I was useless, unless my feet were in the air… different kind of story though. Forget I said that. Did you ever have personal problems with body image? How did you work through them?
I would like to think that i am a confident individual but everyone doubts their physical appearance from time to time. I did a body building competition in 2013 and it really messed with my head. Took some time for me to be ok with “me”. Being perfect is too much work and i love some Dominos!

Sean Green
Buy Bastian, a new album by Sebastian

What keeps you motivated?
I am constantly motivated to do more! If you ask my fiance he’ll tell you i don’t like to sit still. There is always time for another project right? I won’t be able to maintain this level of activity forever so i guess my motivation is “time”.

I think about that sometimes as well. Better do it before I cant… What do you feel is the greatest struggle in your life that you’ve overcome?
In 2010 i was diagnosed with bipolar depression. Unfortunately, the diagnosis came after i had been kicked out of a University for causing myself bodily harm. I was Baker Acted in Miami and sent home to live with my parents, attend out-patient therapy and take a lovely mood stabilizing cocktail. For me it was rock bottom… It’s taken a lot of time and work but now the only harm i do to my body is the occasional bump of bruise from training.

Thank you for having the courage to share that with us. You are very brave and very strong.
What is love?

Love to me is a two parter. I must fully love myself and who i am before i share myself with someone else. To love someone else for me is to want nothing but a life time of partnered adventures. Complimenting and enhancing each others lives.

How is the engaged life?
Engagement life is great! We are still looking for the perfect outdoor location for out special day. We recently adopted a puppy that has become best friends with our cat. I couldn’t be happier with my family.

Does he have a brother? I’m trying to be happy with a family like that too… I mean, congratulations. I’m always overcome with joy to see two men in love… it really is sweet. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
10 years… I see myself having my student loans paid of! Hahaha
I hope to continue building momentum as an aerialist and build my own aerial dance company.

What do you most enjoy about this thing we call life?
I enjoy my freedom. It doesn’t come without judgement but i have the right to be a melato gay pole dancer. My father served in the US National Guard for over 20 years and fought for that right. Without his and many other men and womens sacrifices i wouldn’t be able to enjoy this wonderful thing we call life.

What a wonderful response. I hope I have a son a appreciative as you are. We wish you the absolute best! Invite us to the wedding… why am I saying us, I’ve got multiple personalities… invite ME to the wedding. Anyway, wanna see more from Sean? Follow him on Instagram! @skydancersean

inside the green room with icon
gemini rose inside the green room
Inside The Green Room


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